Cyberchondria: How dangerous is it to search for symptoms online?

Today, when we feel unwell, the first source where we often turn for help is not a doctor, but the all-knowing World Wide Web. It’s simple and affordable. It is enough to drive a query into the search engine and dive into the introspection of the physical state. The availability of information and the truth […]

How to return to normal life after quarantine

It is difficult to remember when such a large-scale panic among the world’s population was observed before. The coronavirus pandemic took over the main part of the planet in a matter of weeks, and then all of humanity. The global quarantine has locked us, active and ambitious people, in four walls, and how long this […]

The impact of emotions on human health

Surely you have heard the expression “All diseases are caused by nerves”more than once. Over time, we come to the conclusion that this statement is not a set of empty sounds. Of course, the psychological background determines the quality of life. However, it still remains unclear exactly how human emotions and physical condition are interconnected. […]